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Property finders are the next big thing and here’s why

Times like these – where the only certainty is uncertainty – this breathes new and creative ways for adaptive people to pursue their endeavours and the property market is no different. Due to government restrictions travel has been limited so overseas property buyers, whether first time buyers, looking for a second home, or seeking overseas investment, they have discovered the benefits of property finder services.

Even in the best of times finding your perfect overseas property can be an expensive and lengthy, endeavour. Times have changed and trends are highlighting that the property market show is going on! The word on the street is that estate agents across Europe with particular focus on France, Portugal are in fact booming! Property for sale in France for example has showed no signs of slowing down, in contrast the market is buzzing with activity, and we predict this trend will continue on for the year ahead.

So given the lockdowns and travel restrictions how have overseas buyers been able to access the French property market?

This is where property finders come in because they save both the buyer and seller TIME and MONEY. This is particularly true when you are buying in an overseas country whereby you have no local knowledge and are unfamiliar with the buying “process”. The finder can also negotiate the best price on behalf of the client to ensure you get the best possible deal. A potential buyer will only be introduced to the agent and seller when “all the boxes are ticked”, so the finder significantly reduces the number of viewings/visits which we all know can be a major waste of time. It can be expensive to plan a trip to another country as you consider travel costs, time from work, accommodation, children and/or pets. A finder can advise you when planning your trip from; best number of houses to view, travel time required, key questions to ask the agent, etc. The property finder will only be working with potential buyers that have been fully “qualified” that is, they have sufficient means to buy the property in question.

The property finder is completely unbiased – they will not push you towards a particular property or property agent, their only motivation is to find your dream home, or investment property. The finder has an established network of agents, developers and contacts that will have intimate local knowledge of the area within which you wish to purchase. The finder will ask you the right questions and do intensive searches on your behalf to narrow down your wish list making your ultimate choice easier and saving a lot of time. If they cannot find your wish list initially, they will continue to search on your behalf and keep regular contact.

Property finder services was once deemed to be the preserve of extremely wealthy clients, then adopted by busy professionals who didn’t have the time to search for their dream property, these services are now used by an increasing number of people who recognise the benefits and savings. You will be able to find the right property you are looking for; this is a completely bespoke service that is based on your exact requirements. So, the question is why wouldn’t you use a property finder service which is completely free?

It is often said buying and selling property can be one of life’s most stressful events. So that is why more and more individuals, families and investors will take the smart approach and utilise the services of a property finder. The service involves so much more than finding your ideal property – you have assistance throughout the buying process, so it is really made hassle free.

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