Property Finder

Property Finder

Property Finder Service in Europe

Property finders save both the buyer and seller TIME and MONEY. This is particularly true when you are buying in an overseas country whereby you have no local knowledge and are unfamiliar with the buying “process”.

Once we have your full criteria we will reach out to property agents, developers and private sellers to find your dream property.

We will present you with links of suggested properties and perhaps that ‘mystery house’ you may not think about.

We will answer any questions and requests concerning properties selected by yourself then introduce you to the agent/owner to arrange a visit.

Should you wish to proceed with a purchase we can help you with certain aspects of the buying process including introducing legal, finance and property professionals to ensure your experience is smooth and hassle free.

Contact us directly at [email protected].

Property Finder benefits:

  • A FREE service for qualified clients
  • Save TIME and MONEY
  • Intensive searches carried out on your behalf
  • Tailored property shortlist based on your exact requirements
  • Local knowledge and experience with the “buying process”
  • Support and assistance throughout your search

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