1 bedroom Apartment in Rovereto, Trento, Italy

Rovereto Trento Italy

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Do you remember your first apartment?
Yes, the one where you went to live with the salary over the university as a single person or with your first love? Exactly what, when you think back, it was not really a building …, but in your mind it is the special one, of your first Christmas together, the one in which you brought your dog that was still a puppy, in which you toasted the new job, when you got excited looking at that ultrasound that made you realize that … it was time to move to a bigger house because the family was growing.
I hope that all of you visiting this apartment arouse these emotions, but mainly I would like it to be done by a young couple, who have just decided to walk the path together and I feel that this is the right place to start writing their story.
The kitchen where you can start experimenting with the first recipes together, seeing each other crumpled in the morning and having a coffee on the fly. Here where it is nice to discover and collect good wines together for “special occasions” and for the times when friends come, to be kept strictly in the cellar, what is the use otherwise?
The living room where you can challenge yourself in board games with friends or stay whole days nestled on the sofa in the warm warmth of the plaid while watching a TV series.
The bathroom, where you need to start sharing spaces between creams, perfumes, gels, lotions … “but how simple it was to live with my parents”
And the room, where day after day we reflect and note how much the baby bump grows, in which a place has been created for the crib and in which we understand that we have really grown up.
I recommend, there are two balconies, the experiments are not only done in the kitchen, let’s show the neighborhood and our bystanders our incredible green thumb.
It sounds like a movie plot, but it’s actually a simple story of many of us. And are you ready to start yours?

Property Features
  • House
  • 1 bed
  • 1 bath
Nikki Grey
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