2 bedroom Apartment in Marmirolo, Mantua, Italy

Marmirolo Mantua Italy

Listing ID: EPV003033

Before buying a house we should always look at the area and the context in which it is set to see if it is the right place to suit our needs.
That is why today before taking a look at our comfortable two-bedroom in Marmirolo, in Pozzolo sul Mincio, we are going to visit together a bit of the Mincio Park in which I think much of the wonders of this area are enshrined.
We are in the province of Mantua in Lombardy, and what we are about to visit is a typical town of the Po Valley, lying in a predominantly flat territory, with the exception in the northeast of the valley of the Mincio River, where the last offshoots of the morainic hills are seen; the hills that run toward Lake Garda.
Here we find many other waterways and the Bosco della Fontana, a part of the ancient lowland forests that once covered the entire Po Valley and that testifies to how lush the vegetation must once have been and still is in those places that cared about preserving it, like here in the Mincio Park.
This area was the territory of the Canossa family and later became the possession of the powerful Gonzaga family, who held lands and palaces here. It may seem like a small thing, but the ancient nobility’s choice of a territory is already a guarantee of the beauty and convenience of the location.
Indeed, our apartment enjoys its proximity to Mantua, from which it is only 8 km away, and the pleasant surrounding landscape.
Located on the first of two total floors of a small building, it is characterized by a beautiful living area, illuminated by the large windows that allow access to one of the apartment’s two small terraces. It consists of a single room with an open kitchen and living area, heated not only by a traditional system but also by a stove that makes the room warm and cozy.
In the summer, it is possible to eat on the small terrace with direct access from the kitchen, which is covered and therefore suitable even on rainy days, while on sultry days the air conditioning system will surely make us prefer the comfort within the home.
The well-defined sleeping area consists of a windowed bathroom with bathtub and two double bedrooms of good size and both with an independent balcony overlooking the neighboring vineyard.
A garage and a practical cellar complete the apartment.
After visiting the house in the virtul tour, I suggest an on-site visit to really realize the beauty and practicality of the house and place.

Property Features
  • Apartment/Penthouse
  • 2 bed
  • 1 bath
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