2 bedroom Duplex in Bedollo, Trento, Italy

Bedollo Trento Italy

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Today we have come to visit the groups of ancient farms and inhabited nuclei that form the scattered hamlet of Bedollo and stand on the sunny dorsal south of Mount Gac ‘. From here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the lakes below, the most touristic and frequented Lake Piazzas that is seaside and suitable for water sports and the small Bus pond in the north of the Piné floor.
Bedollo offers one of the most characteristic mountain landscapes of Trentino, characterized by a thick undergrowth. In winter it is possible to ski downhill on the small systems of Winter Park Pradis, skiing on a path of 5 km, but also skiing-mountaineering, walk with snow rakes, and skate in the large Olympic system of the Ice Rink Pinè of Baselga di Piné.
In Trentino it gives great relevance to the recovery of the fallow land for the maintenance of the landscape and the production at km 0 of gastronomic excellence (sheep products, cured meats, honey and derived products …) that in this community are identifying elements and guarantee a sustainable and synergistic development of the territory.
What we want to offer today is an apartment on two of the three levels of a historic house renovated not far from the center of “Centrale” – the main one of the municipality of Bedollo.
This type of house, leaning against each other, has a reason to be in the long winter months when heat came (and is) enclosed among the thick walls of stone or brick to avoid dispersion and have a wall not exposed to the weather but heated from the nearby house precisely allowed you to save energy.
In the renovation, a ground floor living area was created which consists of a single room with open plan kitchen. As has been tradition, an economic wood-burning kitchen was inserted, which, in addition to heating the environment, is perfect for cooking. On the first floor there are the two bedrooms both double, overlooking the panoramic balcony overlooking the valley and the woods, the large bathroom with tub and a large storage room where there is a rock where they built the house.
The self-contained apartment has a private parking space, it is ideal for a family that wants to spend the holidays in Trentino, or for those who, tired of the city, decide to withdraw into an oasis of peace and serenity perhaps growing the small piece of land that completes the property.

Property Features
  • House/Villa
  • 2 bed
  • 1 bath
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