3 bedroom Apartment in Scicli, Ragusa, Italy

Scicli Ragusa Italy

Listing ID: EPV003026

Our proposal today is what we might call the typical family flat, the one in which as you walk through the door you smell the unmistakable scent of cake baking in the oven. As you pass through the rooms you smell the unmistakable scent of freshly picked laundry, the one where you don’t need to bring your keys when you leave because you always expect to find someone ready and waiting for you when you return.

It is the flat where friends feel so comfortable that you sometimes have to remember that they have a home. On the stairs leading up to the flat, plants show us with their colours the changing seasons and remind us that a person who definitely has a green thumb lives in the house. The furnishings in the entrance hall are souvenirs of travels and family photos, because every magical experience needs one memory, not more, or you don’t live in the moment.22

The living room that opens to our left hosts wonderful evening concerts that in colder seasons are warmed by the proximity and the lit fireplace. The kitchen in front of it has the dimensions to be the true centre of domestic life because in the family, we know, it is during lunch that we are sure to all get together. The view of the veranda guarantees extra space during the warm season, which lasts almost all year round here, just as the presence of the barbeque is a guarantee that we will enjoy excellent meat and grilled vegetables.

The family and its members, however, need moments of peace, tranquillity and privacy, guaranteed by a separate sleeping area in which there is a large double bedroom overlooking its own personal balcony, two singles, and a windowed bathroom with a shower cubicle and beautiful mosaic tiles.

I wanted to take you along with me on this journey through the home without revealing anything, so as not to condition your senses, but now I can tell you that we are in Cava d’Aliga in the municipality of Scicli, close to the sea, in southern Sicily, and so your imagination will now smell the scent of tomatoes spices, citrus fruits, it will see the blue tones of the sky and the sea interspersed with the yellow of the sun, because a house is beautiful when lived with all five senses, enjoying what it transmits to us as we get to know it and what it will become shaped by our hands and our love for it.

Property Features
  • Apartment/Penthouse
  • 3 bed
  • 1 bath
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