4 bedroom Single home in Modena, Emilia Romagna, Italy

Modena Emilia Romagna Italy

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Nowhere can man find a more peaceful or serene refuge than in his own soul.
There are no mountains of one’s own, but there are experiences of one’s own. Many others can climb mountains, but no one can ever live the experiences that are and remain ours.
Today everyone is complaining about the heat, and yet it feels good here. A gentle breeze ruffles our hair and we decide to go to the ‘Buca’, a small stream a stone’s throw from the house, which forms a comfortable natural pool. On the way back, surrounded by greenery, we see the house, which has three floors in total: basement, ground floor and first floor. We have a porch to welcome us, which forms a comfortable veranda. As we enter, we notice the well laid-out, light-filled spaces. Let us take a moment to listen to the chirping of the birds. We are in the hallway; to our right is a double bedroom and also the door immediately after connects to another double bedroom. This area too, as we will see for all the others, has a comfortable bathroom, making the chalet the ideal place to warmly welcome our guests.
But let’s come to the living room: spacious, bright and with a beautiful balcony overlooking the forest, it is the ideal setting in which to watch a film with friends in the evening, play board games or have a big dinner. Light filters through the foliage of the trees. We notice that there are many rooms to be shaped according to our taste and imagination: we are free, and this is exactly what we see as we ascend to the first floor via an elegant hallway with staircase. At this height, we certainly have two double bedrooms, a bathroom, at least two small rooms to manage as we please, plus a large room that is comparable in size to the living room downstairs.
But, in terms of potential, nothing beats the basement: with practically 60 square metres of room with high ceilings and large doors, it can be interpreted in a more or less traditional way; it can be a storeroom for tools, a large pantry, a wine cellar, a trinkstube furnished in Central European style… the possibilities are endless, and depend on one thing only: the imagination of the new owner.

Property Features
  • House
  • 4 bed
  • 3 bath
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