Big plot of land, with apartments & a villa in operation.

Heraklion Crete Greece

Listing ID: EU6241


a) The specific area except for 14 acres located in the middle of the property is forest according to the new maps and objections have been submitted.

b) There is no archaeological interest or conflict with the Archeological Agency what-so-ever

c) all the existing buildings have the necessary town planning permits and EOT permission since they have been in use until today.

d) the property in question is purchased entirely with contracts (11)

e) is free from all encumbrances (mortgage, note, seizure, claim, etc.)

f) no bank is involved

f) joins PERPO (increased building factor, thus building more than 17,000 sq.m.)

h) 29 apartments and one villa already exist and are rented.


Ambelos Apartments & Studios is surrounded by hills full of vegetation and offers outstanding views to the blue of the Cretan Sea as well as to intact mountainous Cretan scenery.

Around the complex there are 20 acres of farmed land. It resembles a colorful garden full of flowers, roses, trees, pergolas and olive trees that create a unique picture of a natural inhabitant.

A large swimming pool completes the charming exterior of the complex.

Property Features
  • Commercial/Hotel
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