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Golden Visas for European Residency and Citizenship through real-estate investment – An Introduction

There are currently a number of attractive European residency and citizenship programmes that are based on real estate investment. For example, it is possible for non-EU citizens to invest in real estate and gain residency for them and their family in a European country. This may also lead to citizenship for example from as little as six months or after a longer period of residency say five years. Residency in an EU country may also provide freedom to travel visa free throughout the EU Schengen zone for you and your family.

There are many benefits to be gained from permanent residence in an EU or European country. This could be merely an improved quality of life in retirement or an advantageous taxation regime for pension income or other earnings.

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August Holiday Homes

Still, dreaming of your dream holiday home? You’re not alone. Imagine being the owner of beautifully designed unique holiday homes in some of the most sought-after regions in the world. With August that is now possible. Picture yourself choosing between holidaying in your own chalet in the French Alps, your true Tuscan stone house, your summer house in dreamy Mallorca, your cosy cottage in the Cotswolds or your charming villa in the South of France? With August you will be able to have it all for less than the cost of acquiring one holiday home of your own.

August believes it makes a lot more sense to share. Holiday homes, in particular, are only used on average for 35 days per year so why pay for 100% of the home, especially when it’s in a foreign country? This idea rests at the heart of August.

Discover the August managed co-ownership model which enables you to co-own 5 holiday homes… A lot more time to holiday without the hassle of traditional homeownership.

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Details on €1 houses for sale in Italy!

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Self Build Properties in France

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Buy your new build house or bungalow in France – at a fraction of the cost! There is a great new way to find the house of your dreams in beautiful France… and financially it will be your best move … Read More


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