Currency Exchange

Europe Properties has partnered with Currencies Direct to provide our clients with access to an award-winning transfer service.

When you’re in the process of buying or selling an overseas property, it’s important to consider your transfer options to ensure you get the most for your money. While many people default to using their bank, this isn’t necessarily the most effective approach. If you are looking to maximise the returns on your international transfers, we would recommend our clients consider the specialised foreign currency exchange provider, Currencies Direct.

Beyond offering excellent exchange rates with no transfer fees, Currencies Direct is home to a vast global network of foreign property market experts. With a track record of assisting numerous clients in purchasing properties abroad, they are well-equipped to coordinate the seamless transfer of your funds. With many US citizens looking to move to Europe, Currencies Direct can offer preferential exchange rates for Europe Properties clients.

Upon registering an account with Currencies Direct, you’ll be introduced to a dedicated account manager who will help guide you through the transfer process. Your account manager will leverage their expert market insights to keep you informed about the latest trends and developments in the currency market, and help you time your transfer for when it will be most favourable for you.

Similarly, you can set rate alerts to target specific exchange rates. You’ll automatically be alerted when the market reaches your target level, which allows you to know the optimal time to trade.

To help you get even more for your money Currencies Direct offers a range of additional transfer services to help their clients get the best possible returns when moving their money overseas. For instance, a Forward Contract allows you to fix an exchange rate for up to a year. This would protect the sale from any unfavourable shifts in the currency market while you go through the sometimes-lengthy purchase/selling process.

Our American clients could benefit greatly from these services, as Currencies Direct would be able to minimise the stress that can come from foreign exchange. The US dollar has endured notable volatility recently, and a specialised provider can help you navigate the ups and downs.

Visit our partner page and get a quote from Currencies Direct today to see how much you could save when transferring money to and from Europe.

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