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5 tips for selling your home fast!

  1. The market is hot right now and the trick is to match the right buyer with the right property – there is strong interest from international buyers, so it pays to work with an agency with global marketing. Contact us now for a market valuation and help in preparing your property for sale.
  2. If you haven’t seriously considered selling your home in Europe, now might be the time to try. The market has not been better in the past 10 years.
  3. If you are not resident at the property, it will be money well spent to get someone in to cut grass and clear the cobwebs! First impressions count so let us advise you on how to make your property look its best. If you need any tips do enquire for further details.
  4. The properties that sell fastest are the ones at a realistic market price. All properties will sell, whether they are ready to move in or do-er uppers but even in a buoyant market there is price sensitivity. Ask your agent for price comparisons with similar properties already on market.
  5. We know that getting an agreed deal at the right price is only part of the selling journey. With a team of professional bi-lingual paralegals helps to make every step as straightforward as possible for you.

Contact Us to arrange a market appraisal with a professional agent, & put your property on the market.

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