Golden Visas for European Residency and Citizenship through real-estate investment – An Introduction

There are currently a number of attractive European residency and citizenship programmes that are based on real estate investment. For example, it is possible for non-EU citizens to invest in real estate and gain residency for them and their family in a European country. This may also lead to citizenship for example from as little as six months or after a longer period of residency say five years. Residency in an EU country may also provide freedom to travel visa free throughout the EU Schengen zone for you and your family.

There are many benefits to be gained from permanent residence in an EU or European country. This could be merely an improved quality of life in retirement or an advantageous taxation regime for pension income or other earnings. The reasons may be one or more of the following:

Benefits of residency in a European country:

  1. Political stability.
  2. Financial stability and a robust banking sector.
  3. Improved quality of healthcare.
  4. A robust legal system.
  5. Secure corporate environment.
  6. Improved employment opportunities.
  7. Education, from lower schools through to universities.
  8. University fees can be nil or very low for EU residents compared to standard ‘overseas-student’ rates.
  9. Affordable rural, country and coastal properties with highly desirable outdoor space (this is particularly relevant in the post-Covid world).
  10. The ability to travel visa-free around European countries for long periods.
Golden Visas for European Residency and Citizenship