International Property Lawyers

Property law can be highly complex and varies significantly from country to country. This can present all sorts of problems for people looking to invest in international property or to sell a foreign property, as well as people who inherit property abroad and anyone else who finds themselves dealing with property in another legal jurisdiction.

Judicare Law International is a leading international property law firm providing clients with specialist global legal advice related to investments in property and land overseas. We can assist with buying and selling property anywhere in the world, as well as dealing with related issues such as property disputes, finance and property inheritance advice.

We are here to help you do things the right way, avoiding potential delays and additional costs, as well as the risk of legal problems. We also regularly assist international property investors with recovering their money when things regrettably go wrong.

We understand that our clients want the confidence of knowing their affairs are being looked after by a company with a personal interest in their story, who understand and have extensive experience in the issues facing them in a foreign jurisdiction.

With our legal headquarters in the UK and international expertise worldwide, our outlook is broad, catering for a variety of property investment problems effectively and efficiently.

Our clients include experienced investors, as well as people looking to buy a holiday home or to relocate abroad. We also regularly work with clients who have inherited property in another country and don’t know what to do next.

With many years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of international property conveyancing and property law across multiple jurisdictions, our overseas property lawyers can make your life simpler while keeping you and your investment protected.

For specific advice on overseas property tailored to your needs, please contact Judicare Group our friendly, expert international property lawyers based in the UK.


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