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Unique Investment Opportunity of prime land with stunning lakes, perfect for development. TABANOVICH, SERBIA


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LAKE TABANOVIC Beauty At Its Best! Lake Tabanovic is located at the entry to picturesque village of Tabanovic, some 5km from Sabac.


TABANOVICH is a unique opportunity to invest in a prime piece of land that is perfect for development. With its stunning lakes, lush greenery, and convenient location, TABANOVICH is sure to be a popular destination for residents and tourists alike.


It was created by exploitation of a stone quarry and it has one large and two smaller lakes. It is a spring fed lake with premium quality water.


Out of 230,000m2 (23 hectares) almost 150,000m2 (15 hectares) are lakes and with adjoining land it creates a truly private oasis. Lake is rich with flora and fauna with premium quality spring fed water and it is not a stand still lake as the excess water is feeding river Sava.


Land is qualified as construction land by city zoning regulations. Urban planning documents are determining the use of  land for sport, recreational and hospitality (hotel, restaurants, SPA…) usage.


At this moment there is under construction a new highway Ruma-Sabac-Loznicthat (completion late-2024) will bring this vacation point to under one hour drive from Belgrade and Novi Sad, two largest cities in this part of the country.


Access to the highway is located some 150m2 from the lakes. This road will have a traffic of 15.000 cars a day which makes lakes a desirable location for development of hospitality complex. Distance to Belgrade is 80km and to Novi Sad 62km.


Lake Land located at the entrance to the village of Tabanovich, 5 kilometres from the city of Sabac. Of the total area, 58 Acres with almost 150,000 m2 is occupied by lakes, and the rest of the land surrounds the entire complex and forms a real private oasis. The lake is rich in flora and fauna, water of the first category, is filled by a spring and flows into the Sava River.

  • Up to 250 Luxury Properties, or 36 Mansions
  • The highway passes in proximity
  • 15,000 passing cars daily


Elite Residential Complex

Elite residential complex with private houses on the shore of a lake


Resort Complex

The potential with the lake on this resort complex for a private resident’s beach


Restaurant & Bar

The potential for an exclusive resident’s bar and restaurant on resort


Lakeside Oasis

The lake complex is an ideal location for the development of tourist facilities. It is located within an hour’s drive of both Novi Sad and Belgrade, two of Serbia’s largest and most popular tourist destinations. The complex itself is surrounded by stunning scenery and offers a variety of recreational activities, such as swimming, fishing, and boating.


This project is a perfect investment opportunity. Please enquire for an introduction to the current owners.




  • Country: Serbia
  • Province / State: Šabac
  • City / Town: Tabanović
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