Benefits of Living in Montenegro

Benefits of Living in Montenegro

Benefits of Living in Montenegro

For the person looking to live, or to invest, in a stress-free and healthy environment, with the possibility of operating a business with low taxation, in one of the most beautiful landscape of the world, Montenegro is ticking most of the boxes.

Low density and high safety Montenegro has a very low population density, with only 47 inhabitants per km² (or 121 people per mi² ) making it a very pleasant and stress-free place to live. 1
Exceptionally low crime level in the country and a feeling of safety and security remarkably high among the population.

Low costs of living
The cost of living2 in Montenegro (food and rent) is 65% lower than in London, 64% than Chicago, 62% than in Paris, 58% lower than in Toronto, 47% than Vienna.
The low taxation system is very advantageous for local companies, and there is an equal treatment of foreign and domestic investors.
Weather, natural sites, sports activities
270 days of sunshine per year on average Hundreds of beautiful natural sites to travel to all year round, on the coast and in the mountain, including 4 UNESCO protected sites.
Numerous sports activities to practice all year round: sailing, rowing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, paragliding, kitesurfing, fishing, horse-riding, golf, biking, running, etc.

Healthy living for a better health
Good and organic food supply. Montenegro produces a lot of organic food locally thanks to its fertile land and favourable climate.
There are hundreds of water springs throughout the country, where one can go and fill up bottles to enjoy the benefit of pure water. Great air quality, no air pollution.

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