Welcome to Denia, Spain

In the search for the perfect Spanish property many choose to set their eyes on Denia. The port city on the eastern coast of Spain has a wonderful thriving community and all the amenities you might desire. Whereas many of … Read More


“Have you ever thought about living on a sunny island surrounded by turquoise waters? Of course, you have! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. Some of us dream, plan, or just happen to be lucky enough to live on … Read More

Benefits of Living in Montenegro

For the person looking to live, or to invest, in a stress-free and healthy environment, with the possibility of operating a business with low taxation, in one of the most beautiful landscape of the world, Montenegro is ticking most of … Read More

Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Island

Whether you are a ‘digital nomad’, newly or soon to be retired, a company director or entrepreneur, Cyprus must be the most attractive place to live in Europe. With a year-round desirable climate and average winter temperatures of 22-23° C. … Read More

Top 5 Costas

Spain has the most spectacular coastline running all the way from the north to the south of the country and is every European traveller’s dream. It is divided up into different coasts known as Spanish Costas. The area is beautiful … Read More

History of Budva

Extensive archaeological evidence places Budva among the oldest urban settlements of the Adriatic coast. Substantial documentary evidence provides historical references dating back to the 5th century BC. A legend recounts that Bouthoe (Βουθόη – Vouthoe) was founded by Cadmus, the … Read More

Our 7 Wonders of France

Brittany Whether it be its impressive megalithic and medieval monuments, it’s splendid coastal towns famous for their succulent seafood including scallops and oysters or the vastness of its enchanting countryside, you can be sure that Brittany is boundless in what … Read More


Saumur is a commune in the Maine-et-Loire department in western France and has a population of around 27,523. This historic medieval town is located between the Thouet and Loire rivers and is beautifully surrounded by vineyards. Bourgueil, Coteaux du Layon … Read More


Nantes is a large bustling city and has a population of around 300,000. It is the most westerly city in France and is situated at the head of the estuary of the Loire river where it is also joined by the Sevre and Erdre rivers.… Read More


The beautiful walled town of Vannes is by far one of Brittany’s most stunning sights and a must see on any excursion to the Gulf of Morbihan. With a population of around 53,350, Vannes is a perfect place to stay. … Read More

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