Why buy a property in France? Top Destinations in Europe

Why buy a property in France? Top Destinations in Europe

Why buy a property in France? Top Destinations in Europe

French property prices declined during 2023. In the first 9 months of 2023 prices contracted by an average of -1.94% which is-6.33% when adjusted for inflation. Higher mortgage rates have certainly impacted the domestic buyers market. Apartment prices in some of the biggest cities have generally taken the biggest hits.

But French property is still attracting international buyers from all over the World. Typically overseas buyers tend to be ‘cash buyers’ so higher French mortgage rates have not really impacted this segment of potential buyers! Indeed, lower prices are presenting more opportunities for overseas buyers for 2024.

There were approximately 955,000 property transactions in the 12-month period to the end of August 2023. Reported 9th November 2023 by Chambre de Notaires de France.

It is very important not to forget that France still offers incredible value, particularly for unique country houses compared to many other European countries. In certain areas property prices are amongst the lowest in Western Europe. Also, land is plentiful and can be cheap – many observers quote the population of France is similar to the United Kingdom but France is twice the size in land area.

So, what can you get for your money – this really depends on your requirements and budget. There are still many renovation projects that can be picked up in France at low prices, but the cost of materials has risen steeply in recent years so often it can be more attractive to buy a property already renovated.

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So there really is a property for any budget and type. There are many historic stone houses, converted farm buildings and architecturally unique houses that can be found all over France. Each region tends to have it’s own style of property often reflecting locally sourced materials such as granite and slate in Brittany for example.

But buying in France is not just about the property, you are buying in to the lifestyle experience. Whether you go rural, to a village, a wine region or by the coast, France has an enviable lifestyle and culture. Every village will generally have a traditional boulangerie where you can buy croissants, baguettes, bread and cakes/deserts. The food is generally amazing, it is still possible to get a three-course lunch with wine for circa €17! Let’s not forget the wine, France and Italy are the two biggest wine producing countries and French wine regions are situated all over the country from Champagne in the North to Corsica in the Mediterranean with the great regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy in between.

Healthcare in France is regarded as amongst the finest in Europe, if not the World. For retiree’s there is a competitive income tax regime on pensions that makes France one of the most attractive destinations for retired couples/individuals.

So, whether you are looking for a “lock-up and leave” holiday home, a family home, a home to retire to or even a rural estate to start a yoga retreat, France merits your attention.

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