Beautiful Villa for Sale overlooking the Baltic Sea. A beach House in Skåne, Southern Sweden If The Eden has a road, we will call it, Edenryd. A calm village in the country. Located in the sunniest place in Sweden. Skåne, with a view to the Baltic, where the sunset with orange skies lies down … Read More

Self Builds

Buy your new build house or bungalow in France – at a fraction of the cost! There is a great new way to find the house of your dreams in beautiful France… and financially it will be your best move … Read More

Why buy property in Montenegro?

Montenegro is extremely attractive due to its Mediterranean climate, beautiful and clean Adriatic Sea, many historical attractions, a well-developed tourist infrastructure also the non-requirement of visiting visas for many countries. Montenegro can be reached by plane to Tivat or Podgorica … Read More

Income Tax in France

There is a certain ‘stigma’ about income tax in France. In many surveys and articles France is very often portrayed as one of the highest taxed economies in Europe. Stories are rife about the ‘harsh’ social charge regime particularly for small businesses/micro enterprises.… Read More

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