Real Estate & Investment in Northern Cyprus

Real Estate & Investment in Northern Cyprus

Real Estate & Investment in Northern Cyprus

Investing in Northern Cyprus can offer exceptional opportunities, particularly in Real Estate.

Northern Cyprus has seen a building boom in recent years. Working on shedding it’s image as a pariah state the region is promoted as a place to retire to or a holiday hot spot.

Here are some factors to consider:

Real Estate:

The property market in Northern Cyprus has been a focus for investors. Prices are more affordable compared to other Mediterranean destinations, with great potential for appreciation. Northern Cyprus is experiencing a tourism boom with new properties, hotels as well as casinos, golf courses and luxury marinas. The tourism boom will continue as the world recognises the appeal of its beautiful coastline, landscapes and historical sites. As well as pricing being incredibly low there are many financing options available from many developers making it a truly unique market. ROI’s average between 8-12% and can be totally managed as part of your investment. Get in touch for further details on current projects available with price ranges from 50k+.

Tax Regime

Northern Cyprus has become an ex-pat haven with many different nationalities choosing to settle here permanently. This has been driven partly by an attractive income tax regime. For example, digital nomads pay no income tax on foreign sourced income making it the most attractive regime in the Mediterranean, if not the World! For retirees becoming resident in Northern Cyprus there is no income tax on retirement & pension income. Overall, the income tax regime is like Dubai but without the high cost of living. Gaining Residency is a straightforward process and easy to obtain. Contact us to get you in touch with our partner who can assist with this process.


Cyprus is a beautiful Island with magnificent sandy beaches and panoramic scenery including mountain ranges. The coastline of Northern Cyprus is 324 kms long and has 2 bays (The Morphou Bay & The Famagusta Bay) with 4 capes. The climate is subtropical Mediterranean with long hot summers and mild winters (between 16-20 degrees). In Cyprus there is on average 300-340 sunny days a year. If you are looking for an outdoor lifestyle Cyprus is the ideal location. Due to its climate it is possible to enjoy all outdoor sports all year round from water sports, yachting, to trekking and even skiing in the winter months. The crime rate in Northern Cyprus is very low due to a strong police presence, community involvement and low levels of poverty.

Cost of Living:

The cost of living on the Northern side of Cyprus is very inexpensive from shopping, eating out, petrol & medicines. For example, half a litre of local beer in a restaurant/bar can cost as little as 2 euros, a meal for 4 people in a beachfront fish & seafood restaurant with wine and soft drinks is on average 60 euros, petrol is approx. ¼ of the average cost across Europe. Fresh locally sourced products are abundant. The cost of living is approx. 30% lower than the south side of Cyprus.


Northern Cyprus’s has been developed upon the culture of Turkey but with a unique Cypriot approach, it is also influenced by British (former British colony) and Western cultures. It is truly a welcoming place to live with common values in loyalty and respect of people across communities.

Europe Properties presents some exciting listings from Agencies across Northern Cyprus, take a look here.

Northern Cyprus has been voted the ‘Most Affordable place to Buy Property Abroad – 47% Savings Relative To The U.S. Market’ as stated by Forbes Magazine 5 Affordable Places To Buy Property Abroad In 202

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