Better than a €1 house? Paid €30,000 to renovate…..

Presicce-Acquarica the Italian town that will give you €30,000 to renovate a house if you go and live there permanently..

Following on from the €1 house schemes that have been hugely successful across Italy there are several towns and communes that are launching different innovative schemes to attract new residents. One example is Presicce-Acquarica, a town in Puglia in the far south of Italy (right at the bottom of the “heel” of Italy) that is actually offering potential residents up to €30,000 to renovate an empty dwelling!

So how does the scheme work – to qualify for the €30,000 payment you must take up residency in the town and purchase one of a selection of properties that were built before 1991. Although the “qualifying” properties have not been released at the time of writing, we understand that there are properties available, that need renovation, from as little as €20-25,000. The €30,000 incentive comprises of two elements – part can be utilised to help reimburse the initial outlay of purchase and the balance being used to make it habitable again.

Having personally visited this region, and Presicce in 2019 I can only recommend, it is indeed a beautiful part of Italy, and this town is particularly renowned for the quality of the olive oil produced from the olive groves that cover a large part of the area. Not far from the coast (circa 12-14 km) and only about 100km from Brindisi (airport and ferry terminal) it is truly a great location. Seafood, fried fish and fresh pasta are just some of the local delicacies you will discover.

Interested? For further updates when properties become available please contact us now quoting: Presicce-Acquarica

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