Case €1 Troina, Sicily

Case €1 Troina, Sicily

Case €1 Troina, Sicily

The town of Troina is situated in the North-East region of Sicily, just 70 kms from Mount Etna and the national park Parco dell’Etna. Although, nearly 200kms from Palermo and Aeroprto Punta Raisi, the town is just 75 kms from the city of Catania and Fontanarossa airport.

A recent addition to the national Case €1 scheme, which only launched in November 2020 we believe there are circa 30 €1 dwellings to be made available. However, we also understand there are many further properties in the ‘pipe-line’ with circa 100 homes likely to be available once formalities are concluded with the former owners.

Mayor Sebastiano Fabio Venezia has ambitious plans to breath new life into the historical town centre that has had a dwindling population going back over the last few decades. Not only are there €1 houses available but there is the possibility of two grants:
1. A grant or bonus of up to €15,000 for renovation works and upgrading the property.
2. An energy efficiency grant of up to €10,000 to ensure the renovated property has eco-friendly heating, hot water and cooling system.

A security deposit of €5,000 will be required to ensure the €1 house is renovated within a three-year period, but this is refunded to the new owner upon completion of the works.

We understand Mayor Sebastiano Fabio Venezia is determined to make the process of buying a €1 house easy for international buyers by gathering a team of experts to assist throughout the process.

If you are lucky enough to secure a €1 property in Troina you will be asked to submit a plan detailing how the property will be renovated.

We also understand there will be several properties not requiring renovation and these will be available for sale with prices starting from €10,000. It will also be possible to apply for a settlement grant of €8,000 if you become a permanent resident of the town and buy one of these properties that does not require an upgrade….

This really does present a compelling reason to settle in Troina, a beautiful town surrounded by forests. The town is set within the Nebrodi mountains park reserve and is a member of “I Borghi Più Belli d’Italia” a club that consists of Italy’s most beautiful small towns and villages.


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