Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Island

Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Island

Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Island

Whether you are a ‘digital nomad’, newly or soon to be retired, a company director or entrepreneur, Cyprus must be the most attractive place to live in Europe.

With a year-round desirable climate and average winter temperatures of 22-23° C. During the day Cyprus weather is the warmest in Europe. Many expatriates that moved to France, for example, are often surprised by the harsh winters, even in Provence as it can reach sub-zero temperatures. Cyprus boasts of around 340 days of sunshine each year!

In addition to the climate, Cyprus has so much to offer international expatriates. It is a beautiful island surrounded by crystal clear seas and a stunning coastline. The people are welcoming, friendly and very sociable. The food is amazing with regional cuisines to satisfy every pallet and a thriving wine industry – what more would you want?

Properties are now incredibly good value for your money!

From a financial perspective Cyprus has benefits that are without doubt the most attractive in Europe.

For example:

  1. No income tax on company dividends
  2. A corporation tax rate of just 12.5% (with an innovative tax break that can lead to a reduced rate of just 2.5%)
  3. Pensions attract an income tax rate of just 5% (yes 5%!!!)
  4. Income tax only levied on income over €19,500 pa
  5. No inheritance tax

To obtain Residency:

EU nationals/residents need to apply for a Registration Certificate – yellow slip

Non-EU citizens need to apply for Temporary Residence – pink slip

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