€1 House in Italy – Our Story – Zungoli #2

€1 House in Italy – Our Story – Zungoli #2

€1 House in Italy – Our Story – Zungoli #2

On 30th June 2021 I finally managed to visit the beautiful town of Zungoli in the province of Avellino, Campania. Zungoli is about 58 kilometres from the town of Avellino and located between the Ufita Valley and Daunian mountains.

This was a special day as I got to see “in-the-flesh” the €1 house I have purchased. I have to confess I didn’t know what to expect and after a scary journey to reach the town (Google maps took me on the worst route possible for a motor home!) I was blown away by the mountainous scenery and the charm of the historical old town! Although undergoing a restoration it was incredible to see the Castello dei Susanna di Zungoli, originally a defensive watch tower, now an aristocratic dwelling overlooking the center.

The house was actually better than expected. Yes, it is a “shell” that will need total renovation probably a new roof, but I had purposely chosen this particular property as it has a comparatively small foot-print and roof size when compared with other €1 houses I have looked at. I immediately started to question whether I have done the right thing. The house has no outside space, a garden or a terrace. It’s not on a road where you can park a vehicle outside, it’s in a part of the “old town” and as such in terraces with other similar properties. My mind was working overtime now- I have spent over 2 years trying to secure a €1 house or be accepted on one of a number of residency schemes in Italy yet now I was here at a crucial and conclusive stage on a long journey and started to have grave doubts!! Should I have just found a cheap property in an Italian town or village that doesn’t need a total renovation? I then wouldn’t be under pressure to have the renovation or works completed in three years, I could maybe take a leisurely ten years? Would it work out cheaper to-say pay €7k or even €10k for a small house that doesn’t need a new roof?

After taking a few pictures on my phone I started walking to the town centre to try and find the Commune offices. Not very far from my (now)house there was a similar sized building that had just been renovated – and I must admit it looked fabulous. Although the structure was old, the renovation had turned this house into a contemporary terraced property. It looked very light and open plan inside whilst finished in a sombre gray colour on the outside walls, with matching dark window frames. Food for thought maybe? Wish I took a photo!

Having eventually found the Commune and Mayor’s offices, a very helpful gentleman told me to come back the following morning and he would have an English speaking colleague who would be able to help me with my questions and queries. I really thought I was now getting somewhere……….

Here is what I call our ‘tower house’… what do you think? Am I mad?


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