Montenegro second passport scheme

Montenegro second passport scheme

Montenegro second passport scheme

It is possible to gain citizenship in Montenegro and obtain a second passport. Although Montenegro is not yet part of the EU it is likely to become a member country by 2025 at the latest. The nation is looking to align according to EU requirements and hence gain membership. However, although not an EU country a holder of a Montenegro passport can travel visa free to over 130 countries. Therefore this scheme is extremely attractive and affordable.

Launched just over two years ago, The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment scheme allows applicants to invest in one of a number of government approved development projects. Investment amounts are a minimum of €450,000 for properties in the coastal region reducing to €250,000 for properties in the North and Central regions. In addition to the property investment requirements there is also a mandatory government donation that is currently set at €100,000.

Applicants can include their spouses and dependent children. Checks will be made to determine a clean criminal record and also source of the funds to be invested. Another positive aspect of this scheme is there is no minimum stay required, unlike most similar schemes. Applications are normally processed within three months of receipt of all documents required.

The team at offer a ‘Property Finder’ service that can help you find properties in developments that qualify for the Citizenship by Investment programme through our extensive network of real estate agents and property developers. We also have links with international law firms that handle all aspects of the property investment and visa scheme.

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