Our 7 Wonders of France

Our 7 Wonders of France

Our 7 Wonders of France

Whether it be its impressive megalithic and medieval monuments, it’s splendid coastal towns famous for their succulent seafood including scallops and oysters or the vastness of its enchanting countryside, you can be sure that Brittany is boundless in what it has to offer. A region with a totally unique sense of community, the ‘Bretons’ are immensely proud of their culture and local produce. Famous for their galettes, crêpes and cider. Delicious! You are always within an hour of beautiful coastline throughout Brittany whether you live close to the northern pink granite beaches or the southern coastline of the Gulf of Morbihan, a photographer’s paradise for its changing light and beautiful views. This rustic wonderland will certainly always be worth a visit but is best appreciated in the long run!

Provence-Cote d’Azur
Home to the internationally known French Riviera, and a tantalising year-round climate that simply cannot be ignored. Surrounded by the mystical Mediterranean Sea, full of blissful lavender fields and having some of the finest food outside Paris, this region truly puts the chic into France. Loved by an array of expats from every corner of the globe, the scenery may induce a daze of wonder to anyone who sets foot here. Famous places to visit include Nice, Marseille and the glamorous coastal resorts such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes.

In this region, you will find a multitude of heavenly places. Firstly, the Dordogne area which is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the whole of France with affordable house prices. Famous for its array of extravagant gourmet delights (pâté, truffles, etc), its glorious countryside full of crystal-clear lakes and rivers but equally famous for its prehistoric cave paintings, dazzling cathedrals and even some Roman ruins in parts. Not too far from here, we have the elegant port city of Bordeaux, notably renowned as the wine capital of France with its majestic vineyards producing vast quantities of quite extraordinary wines. However, this must not overshadow the fascinating art museums, poetic public gardens and its main attraction the ‘Miroir d’eau’ the largest reflecting pool in the world.

French Alps
Being the highest and most substantial mountain range in Europe and sprawling gloriously across the south-east of France, the French Alps is certainly one of its more luxurious destinations. Full of picturesque snow-capped peaks of Mont Blanc and striking Alpine woodland which merge blissfully with its various mountain communities. Evidently famous for the countless amounts of exciting ski resorts and events, but if skiing isn’t your idea of fun then you might enjoy some heart-warming mulled-wine and mouth-watering fondue. Also, this area loses none of its charm once the skiing season is over, the alpine lakes are breath-taking all year round and it is truly special to hike through the mountains during the summer and see them at a different angle.

A pleasant and intriguing region located in the far north of France. Producer of excellent cheeses and Calvados, a apple or pear brandy but this region is perhaps the most important historically outside of Paris. The magical Mont-Saint-Michel (although technically shared with Brittany) has to be one of the most stupendous sights of the world let alone France, with its monastery that almost seems to defy gravity, sitting alongside it, there are other equally impressive historical sites such as the Bayeux Tapestry or the D-day landing beaches. History aside, it has to be the tremendous coastline of Normandy that places it above other regions. From the cliffs of Étretat to the port city of Deauville, you will find a region rich in splendour.

Located just below the region of Pays de La Loire, with an enchanting Atlantic coastline and what is considered the sunniest climate outside of France’s Mediterranean coastal areas. Poitou-Charentes is a popular choice amongst locals and expats alike. Although a largely rural region filled with endless fields of sunflowers and foothills belonging to the Massif central, it is a greatly historical region known for Romanesque and medieval churches in towns such as Poitiers but you will also find the Yacht-building capital of France in the port city of La Rochelle of course one must never forget to indulge in some of the flavoursome delicacies. The extensive vineyards produce a local favourite Pineau des Charentes and Cognac which you can enjoy with oysters on long sandy beaches.

Home of the “City of Light” and the Palace of Versailles with its Hall of Mirrors, this region has reflected romantic radiance and chic ideals for centuries now. The finest artists from all over the world whether it be painters, writers or musicians always end up here for one reason or another and it won’t take long to understand why. From the Haussmann buildings to more Gothic architecture and from the innumerable art museums such as the Louvre or the centre Pompidou to some of the finest food and wine in the world. Paris emanates chic in its purest form. When walking over the idyllic bridges that cross the Seine or through the charming Jardin de Luxembourg, you realise that the city possesses a lifetime of wonder but be prepared for equally picturesque landscapes just outside the city.

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