Portugal Golden Visa through Property Investment

Portugal Golden Visa through Property Investment

Portugal Golden Visa through Property Investment

Widely regarded as one of the most attractive EU visa programmes. Portugal will grant a residency visa for a family that includes dependent children upon an investment in real estate for €500,000.

The visa will be renewed every two years and incredibly the only requirement is to spend at least two weeks in the country every two years.

It is also possible to apply for permanent residency and citizenship after 5 years – this really makes the scheme attractive. A second passport allows the freedom to travel, work and study anywhere within the European Union.

IMPORTANT – 2022 Changes

New legislation came into force from 1st January 2022 limiting areas of the country where you can purchase qualifying residential real estate.

Residential property can now only be purchased in the country’s interior regions. Consequently, investments into residential property in Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve no longer qualify for the Golden Visa scheme.

Interestingly, commercial property investments in any region of Portugal still qualify. There are now three categories of commercial property that investors can purchase to qualify for a Golden Visa:

  1. Commercial property anywhere in Portugal for a minimum of €500k.
  2. Commercial rehabilitation projects anywhere in the country for a minimum of €350k.
  3. Commercial rehabilitation projects located in regions classified as ‘Low Density Areas’ for a minimum of €280k.

The minimums for residential property investments to qualify for a Golden Visa are:

  1. Residential property in designated interior areas €500k
  2. Residential rehabilitation projects in designated interior areas €350k
  3. Residential rehabilitation projects located in designated interior areas also classified as ‘Low Density Areas’ €280k.

Despite the changes Portugal is still a compelling choice for those considering acquiring a Golden Visa in the EU through property investment.

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