Saint-Brieuc is a commune in the Cotes d’Armor department in Brittany and has a population of around 44,370. It is a lovely and enchanting place. When you arrive, you will want to take to the seas whether aboard the Grand Lejon vintage sailing yacht or along the coast on foot.

Overlook the sea and enjoy the varied landscapes along the Sentier des ‘Douaniers (otherwise known as the GR34). You can enjoy the dunes of Bon Abri, Anse aux Moines cove and the beautiful turquoise waters of the Plage des Rosaires beach.

Basilique-Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Saint-Brieuc is a Roman Catholic church situated in Saint- Brieuc and dedicated to Saint Stephen.

At the Pointe des Guettes look out for the wooden stakes rising from the seabed, which are used for growing the famous rope-grown mussels. Among the salt marshes, rocks and sea, typical wildlife and plant life live here. In Brittany’s biggest nature reserve there are 112 species of birds. The Maison de la Baie discovery centre is situated on a rocky outcrop at Hillion and is a good insight to the riches of this environment.

If you prefer the countryside there are walking and mountain bike trails which will give you chance to admire the stunning piles of granite rocks known as the Chaos du Gouet. Excite your senses from fresh woodland scents to salty sea breezes as you meander along the Vau Madec valley.

After a long day exploring and enjoying the sea and countryside take a seat at the various eateries where you can enjoy the local produce. Top of the menu are ‘coquilles Saint-Jacques’ or king scallops, the crowned glory of the bay.


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