Self Builds

Buy your new build house or bungalow in France – at a fraction of the cost!

There is a great new way to find the house of your dreams in beautiful France… and financially it will be your best move ever.

Our partner developer has been building new homes in France for more than 30 years. Their clients love the advantages of buying a new build home – it is the trouble-free way to buy.

However, they know that many clients increasingly are interested in self-build… and that is where their exciting new service comes in.

Put simply, they build the property so that it is both airtight and watertight. That is walls up, roof on, windows in and fully insulated with polyurethane from top to bottom in accordance with the strict RT 2020 which came into law the 1st of January 2022.

From there you finish the interiors including any internal walls; so you can configure exactly as you want.

The properties come in all shapes and sizes: from 2-bedroom bungalows to 5-bedroom houses, with a design to suite all tastes.


3 ways of managing your project

  1. You finish the whole inside of the property yourself.
  2. You do what you can and get local artisans to finish the rest.
  3. You get local artisans to do all the interior work.

They supply you with the plans to execute your project; these are the detailed technical plans you will need for the interior work.

What services are supplied?

The developer can supply you with all the quantities needed with regards to the materials. Also provide you with the following:

  • Hot water system “thermodynamique”. This is a hot water tank powered by a heat pump air-air.
  • Central heating system powered by heat pump air-air. This system cools the house in the summer. No need for radiators. Wall fitted fan cassette, one for each level. (Only one is needed for a bungalow)
  • The electric wiring kit, which is easy to install, and no electrical knowledge needed.

The buying process

Find your ideal plot through your local Mairie, Notaire or estate agent. Before you buy, they will survey the land and check with the relevant authorities what can be built on the land to make sure they can build your desired house or bungalow. This is done by consulting the PLU.
When all this is clear you can sign the sales agreement and they submit plans for approval. The sales agreement is signed with a condition you get your plans approved. As soon as you receive the go-ahead, they build the property and deliver it airtight and watertight ready for you to start the interior work.

As part of the service, they assist you all the way with the buying process.

Please contact us for further details of our partner developer in France.


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