TOP TIPS in getting your Advert Noticed!

TOP TIPS in getting your Advert Noticed!

TOP TIPS in getting your Advert Noticed!

Europe Properties invite all our private sellers and partners to observe our Top Tips for Advertising.

TITLE / HEADING – ensure this field is appropriate for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – meaning it includes keywords people are putting into their Search Engine or Google.

What are you selling? House, apartment, villa, land ensure you include this in the title for example:

e.g. Stone House

Add for Sale to what you are advertising (or for Rent if applicable):

e.g. Stone House for Sale

Add the region and country you are in:

Stone House for Sale in Brittany, France

Add additional info that might be useful in a search, for example, 3 bedrooms, with gite, outbuildings, with lake, etc to finish your optimized description.

e.g. 3 Bedroom Stone House for Sale with Gite in Brittany, France

PHOTOS – must be eye-catching especially your 1st main photo. Imagine it being your ‘shop window’.

Please ensure you have a photo of what you are selling, preferably with a blue sky and showing the outline of your property (with window shutters open). The 1st photo could be a 50/50 decision between looking at your advert or not.

For the rest of your gallery it is advisable to ensure your rooms are clutter free, beds made up, no people or animals, open curtains/blinds making it light & bright and step out of the room slightly to ensure you get everything in the photo. We recommend taking photos in ‘landscape’ view and high resolution to ensure they are best displayed in your gallery.

Have a selection of photos 10/12 including: kitchen, living areas, bathroom and at least one bedroom, external photos are important also for a large garden, balcony or swimming pool.

Note: If your photos are not great due to weather, return when the weather is bright and sunny and UPDATE them!

DESCRIPTION – keep it brief but informative. Do not write an essay and ensure you include the key attractive features of your property including location.

Generally, start with a short paragraph describing your property

e.g. Beautiful 3 Bedroom Stone House with a 2 Bedroom Gite including Outbuildings and 5000m2 of land located a short distance to the Sea in Northern Brittany, France

Then describe your rooms with measurement if possible e.g on the Ground floor: …. On the 1st floor…. Outside, etc…

Include features such as exposed stone, exposed A-frames, original features, recently renovated, etc

Finish with describing the area and its local attractions/amenities as well as distances to the main train station & airport with international links.

PRICING – make sure you are priced for the current market! What you value your property might not be the same as a professional agent. Do get a valuation, most agents offer this free of charge and also look on the internet to see what is already out there for sale in your price range and region.

Once you have your TITLE, PHOTOS, DESCRIPTION and PRICING correct you are ready to market!!

We believe you have the best chances of enquiries following our Top Tips!


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