“Unlocking Limitless Learning”: Join iBOS Online School – CIS Accredited

“Unlocking Limitless Learning”: Join iBOS Online School – CIS Accredited

“Unlocking Limitless Learning”: Join iBOS Online School – CIS Accredited

🌟 Big News! 🌟 We are thrilled to announce that after a rigorous 3-year inspection process, we are officially accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS)! 🎉✨ Thank you to our dedicated staff, students, and parents for unwavering support throughout this journey. 🏫 @ibos.school

Europe Properties are proud to promote iBOS Online School from our own experience with this exceptional school. You can live anywhere in the World yet still provide your child with the best English education, from the comfort of your home!

International British Online School provides education from primary to sixth form, catering to students at various stages of their academic journey. Whether you’re looking for an online primary school to lay a strong foundation, an online secondary school to broaden your knowledge, or an online sixth-form school to prepare for university, iBOS has got you covered.

Our online primary offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to nurture young minds. Through interactive lessons and engaging activities, students develop essential literacy, numeracy, science, and more skills. Our dedicated teachers provide personalised attention, ensuring students reach their full potential.

iBOS provides a dynamic and stimulating learning environment as students progress to secondary education. With a wide range of subjects and electives, students can explore their interests and prepare for higher education or future careers. Our experienced teachers foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, empowering students to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Transitioning to sixth form is a critical phase in a student’s academic journey. iBOS sixth-form school offers a comprehensive curriculum combining academic rigour and holistic development. Students can choose from a wide range of A-level subjects, receiving guidance and support from subject specialists. Our dedicated careers and university guidance team assist students in making informed choices for their future.

At iBOS, our commitment to providing high-quality education is unwavering. We leverage advanced technology to deliver engaging and interactive lessons replicating the traditional classroom experience. Students can access various resources, including virtual libraries, educational software, and collaborative platforms facilitating active learning and knowledge-sharing.




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