The beautiful walled town of Vannes is by far one of Brittany’s most stunning sights and a must see on any excursion to the Gulf of Morbihan.

With a population of around 53,350, Vannes is a perfect place to stay. You can wander around the beautifully presented medieval street or enjoy lunch by the harbour.

The main gate into Vannes is the Porte St-Vincent Ferrier which was named after the Spanish monk who died in 1419 here and became its patron saint.
A popular subject for tourists in Place Valencia is a carving of a man and woman on the corner of a half-timbered house, known as ‘Vannes and his wife.

Vannes has 2 museums. The museum of archaeology and towns history , the Chateau Gaillard which is a 15th century mansion house and a 13th century covered market that hosted the Breton Parliament from 1675-89 that is now home to the museum of fine arts, La Cohue.

Enjoy a boat trip around the Gulf of Morbihan and for something, the children will love head to the aquarium and the Jardin aux Papillons, a glass dome filled with vegetation where hundreds of butterflies freely fly.

Further south the Conleau Peninsula is where you will find the only beach in Vannes.

On the east side outside the town walls is the Chateau de l’Hermine, once the home of the Duke of Brittany. Here in the public gardens hosts the Images de la Mer photography festival.

Vannes has a little something special for everyone.


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