Why buy property in Montenegro?

Why buy property in Montenegro?

Why buy property in Montenegro?

Montenegro is extremely attractive due to its Mediterranean climate, beautiful and clean Adriatic Sea, many historical attractions, a well-developed tourist infrastructure also the non-requirement of visiting visas for many countries.

Montenegro can be reached by plane to Tivat or Podgorica airport, by train to Podgorica or Bar, also by car or ferry.

Why Montenegro?

It is a great opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean climate, excellent cuisine, and hospitality of the local people.

Invest your money and receive a stable income. The growth in profitability of real estate in Montenegro has been confirmed by leading international analysts.

You can obtain a residence permit in this beautiful European country with no minimum stay. See our article on Second Passport Scheme.

The cost of real estate is inexpensively compared to many other European countries.

The taxation system is one of the most significant factors why foreigners buy real estate on the coast of Montenegro. Tax rates are much lower than, for example, in Spain, France and the UK, so you can meet many Europeans who choose Montenegro as a country for permanent residence, summer holidays and real estate investments.

Organising your Trip:

Once you have selected 5-6 properties to view, you can start planning your trip for real estate.

It is recommended that the duration of your trip must be at least 4-5 business days. Montenegrins reluctantly agree to work during siesta hours or on weekends/bank holidays. You also need to consider that after you have already chosen your home, you will need another 1-2 business days to visit the Bank and the Notary. Please see our guide to Buying a Property in Montenegro.


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